Comprehensive Deal Analysis:

When it comes to making an informed decision on a property investment, having the right information is crucial. Below are some frequently asked questions about our Comprehensive Deal Analysis service.

Q: What is involved in checking the Land Registry for restrictive covenants?

A: We conduct a thorough search in the Land Registry to identify any restrictive covenants that could affect your use of the property. This step ensures that there are no legal obstacles to your project.

Q: What does the market comparison report include?

A: The report provides data on the average sale price per square metre in the project area. It gives you a better understanding of the property market and helps you make an informed decision on the investment value of the project.

Q: How do you analyze sales valuations and costs?

A: We evaluate all aspects of sales valuations, and tally all projected costs including construction, consultancies, and finance fees. This comprehensive analysis helps you understand the Gross Development Value (GDV) of your investment.

Q: What is covered in the planning opinion?

A: Our expert planners review your project to assess its feasibility. They consider zoning laws, building codes, and other regulatory aspects to provide you with an expert opinion on the project’s viability.

Q: What kind of visual aids do you provide?

A: We offer several types of visual documentation:

Drone Photographs: Aerial images of the existing building to give you a comprehensive view of the property.

Scale Drawings: Detailed plans showing the number and size of potential flats or units.

Additional Photographs: Includes existing photos, external drone shots, and possibly a 3D virtual tour to provide a complete visual package.

Q: Will the deal package be enough to secure funding?

A: The Deal Analysis package offers a robust foundation for securing funding for your project.

We’ve Supplied the Ingredients, Now You Bake the Cake!

With our deal analysis in hand, you have all the data you need to confidently move forward with your project.

Q: How long does it take to undertake a measured survey?

A: As with the measured survey cost, the duration is bespoke to the structure and project. For example, a generic 3-bedroom semi-detached house would take a day to complete. The completed CAD drawings and report would then be sent to the client within a 3 days.

Q: What format will my drawings be in?

A: We produce our scaled drawings in a number of different formats to offer a selection of options to our clients. As standard, you will be issued your drawings in both DWG and PDF formats. The measured survey files are compatible with CAD software, PDF, JPEG, SVG, DWG, and DXF file formats. See example:


Q: What type of buildings can be surveyed?

A: Any building can be assessed for measured building surveys, including other types of residential location such as flats, commercial locations such as warehouses and shops, and protected locations such as historic or listed buildings. Whatever the building, the consultant in charge of measured surveys will address it in the same way, recording floor plans, sections and elevations before producing a drawing to benefit the client’s development plans.

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This package contains various components designed to aid in your property investment decision. It includes a Land Registry check for restrictive covenants, a market comparison report, detailed financial analyses, planning opinions, and several types of visual documentation, such as drone photographs and scale drawings. While this information aims to be comprehensive for funding considerations, it is advised to consult with your own legal and financial advisors to validate the data and interpret it in the context of your specific circumstances.
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